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Explore & Research

·Looking at the Current Situation and Future Development of Technology in China
·The Development of Future Education in the Context of New Era
·Intelligent Education Evaluation of Talents'Literacy Facing the Future under the Background of Economic Globalization
·How to Cultivate National Strategic Science and Technology Talents
·AI Talents Training, Current Difficulties and Challenges

Science and technology & Education

·AI + Education
·Application of Big Data in Education
·How 5G Change Education
·Application of VR/AR Classroom Teachingn
·STEAM Educational Science and Technology Development Trend

Present & Future

·Dialogue: Education now and in the future
·Dialogue: General situation of Future Schools

School & Society

·Individual-centered Learning Ecology, Practice and Exploration of Future Schools
·University Innovation: Training Future-Oriented Talents
·Development of Integration of Industry and Education
·The Path of Lifelong Learning

Region & Global

·Provincial Education Informatization Planning
·Intelligent City Construction
·Construction of Experimental Zone
·Construction of Future Schools
·Practical Exploration of International Future Schools
·Development of International Future Education

Here not only provides you with the exhibition space, but also provides you with the space for expression.bring your innovative content and focus on your users face-to-face communication.

Your presentation, your sharing, will receive comments from users. He may be a front-line teacher, a researcher, a principal or an administrator of the education department. Whoever he is, we will give you feedback.


Leaders of government departments and competent education departments;

Leadership of the Education Department of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (bureau, education committee) of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities with separate plans;

Leaders and staff of local educational administrative departments, audio-visual education centers, educational technology and equipment centers, information centers, educational logistics departments, etc;

The principals, deputy principals, deans, backbone teachers and kindergarten principals of some primary and secondary schools, institutions of higher learning and vocational colleges throughout the country;

The school is responsible for equipment procurement bidding department, logistics department and staff;

Personnel of relevant enterprises such as agents, distributors, integrators, international trade purchasers, etc;

Educational research institutions, academics and experts, industry enterprises, media representatives, etc.

Invited guests(Plan)

Yongxin Zhu Yugang Lv

Zhaozi Lei Zhixiang Cao Duo Chen

Ping Li Weifang Min Xiaobing Sun Min Han

Li Zhang Baoshi Cui Jinghuan Shi Peijie Cao

Binglin Zhong Hong Su Qi Dong Zhenguo Yuan

Wenge Guo Zhimin Li

Zheng Wang Dianjun Wang